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    Lee Anna

    Thank you for capsulizing those two weeks in such a meaningful and beautiful way.

    Ed Russell

    I wonder what he chances are that any of this could ever evolve into a film script - what fun it would be to screen it at Plimoth Cinema with Theo sitting on the stage for a Q & A.

    Andrea Rizzo

    Great way to sum up the last two weeks at Goucher! I wish there was more time in the average day to be able to look at images like we did with Ali, or listen to songs for writing inspiration. It's an honor to have such a gifted writer in the same group, and I'm looking forward to working with you this semester!

    ken maguire


    Kim Green

    I am very excited to read what comes.


    Creative non-fiction? Fabulous! Welcome back, and I look forward to reading whatever you post/publish next!

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